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Facebook Foibles

Are you a part of the elite group of people who get random notes on Facebook from complete strangers?  Here's the doozy I noticed in my "Other" box today. I probably don't need to change the text to protect the guilty, but I figure I'll be on the safe side.


I must confess that you are a beautiful woman. I have not been on here in a while. My name is <name> but family and friends call me UB, I will be 29yrs old by August 8 and i have a son (<name>), he will be 11 by September 22, I am black. I am a Nigerian and single but i have always had the dream of living my life with a caring, loving,honest, God fearing and understanding woman not minding where she comes from because i believe we are all created by God wether white or black... I don't discriminate people. I once had a loving lady while growing up which is the mother of my son but she died six months after she gave birth to my Son(<name>). I hope you will not look down on me because i am a Nigerian. I am a simple and honest man with lots of love to share. I hope you don't look into distance in a relationship, i believe we can always make things work out if given the chance and i promise that if i am given the chance to be loved by you i will not disappoint you and you will never regret to give me a chance. You can reach me on my phone <number> and if you don't mind you can add me up on yahoo messenger <address> . I have cam so you can see me. Will you make my dream come true?? Feel free to tell me anything about you cos i believe honesty and trust helps and goes a long way in any relationship and feel free to ask me any question. I hope to read or hear from you soonest. UB


So, who else gets these? Share in the comments the best (worst) random messages you've received!

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