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Twitter Novella in September


My friend C. Jai Ferry sent me a message containing a fascinating idea which was more of a challenge a little while ago. The core of the challenge is to TWEET a novella in one month.

You might be thinking, what? a whole story on Twitter?  That's just crazy talk!

I admit. I was thinking the same thing. The whole point of Twitter is short blurbs, not a whole story. Obviously, C. Jai likes to break rules, but am I that wild? Ha!  Of course I am when we're talking social media rules. I signed on and now we're going to push the boundaries of what Twitter can handle.

Speaking of handles, the twitter hashtag (#) we'll be using is #twitternovella. You'll see it in my posts. If you click on that, you'll be able to see all the past tweets using that handle. There are four of us using that handle so far, so it shouldn't get too confusing. Just so you can have the whole story in one easy place, I'll be updating this page regularly with the tweets so far.

The other authors participating are:

Jules Dixon
New adult romance


Lisa Kovanda
Speculative fiction (horror/sci-fi/fantasy), grit lit, true stories, screenplays, short stories


C.Jai Ferry
Gritty Rural Fiction


In the left hand bar on my site here, you can see the last few tweets using #twitternovella. There's a Twub page that is also following all of our tweets. You can click on the bottom where it says "More Tweets, Photos & Videos at Twubs" to see that website. Easy to find, right?

I decided that since I'm working on Aliens Are Real: Part 4 right now, this novella is dedicated to the aliens' backstory. How did they end up on earth? Why is Malika so angry all the time? Why is Honorio such a stickler for the rules? How did Tyrone end up in the group anyways? Oh my. What did I get myself in to? How am I going to do that in 140 characters or less in each tweet? When will I run out of questions?

Hee hee.

So, the challenge is on. Yes, eventually, I'll compile all of this into an actual story, but right now, it's all one grand experiment. Read on for a list of my tweets.


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