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Publisher Question #6

This includes,, Barnes and Noble stores and both distributors Ingram and Baker and Taylor.

The book wasn't listed on Amazon on his release date. It was not correctly listed for a week after his book was released. The book wasn't listed with the distributor Ingram at all and Baker and Taylor had incomplete records until I started giving the author ammunition to get the publisher to do something about it.

Four months into his publicity campaign you still couldn't go to Barnes and Noble and order the book much less find it on the shelf.  Since Barnes and Noble can’t order it, the locations wouldn’t host an event with the author.  His whole campaign was crippled because the publisher did not do things correctly. Unfortunately, there was no clause in the contract stipulating the publisher's responsibilities.

The publisher needs to have distribution set up and ready before a single book is printed. Make sure you have a stipulation in the contract detailing what the publisher is going to do for your distribution. Ask questions to find out what that leaves for you to do.

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