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Publisher Question #4

A traditional publisher will either turn you down because of your editing or they will cover the expense to clean up your manuscript themselves.  Publishers that offer in-house editing services for a fee offer it to make more money.

Think of it as a conflict of interest.  A publisher who is offering editing and other miscellaneous services at a charge will be less inclined to focus on selling your book and more inclined to sell you side services.  You want to work with a company that is motivated to help you sell copies of your book.  If they receive payments from you that help keep them in business, they do not need to focus on selling your book.

The other issue I have is that these companies don’t always hire top of the line editors.  If I had a dollar for the number of times I tell an author about typos and he or she responds that they paid for editing through their publisher, I would be a wealthy person on my own island snorkeling every day!  If you have to pay for editing, find an independent professional worth the fee.

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