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Produce, Publish, Publicize & Platforms

What's a Scream Team? - It's a group of people who agree to read Produce, Publish, Publicize & Platforms before the release date. Then, when the book is released, my Scream Team will post reviews, link to the book on Facebook, Twitter, their blogs, etc. Basically, scream about how great the book is!

What is Produce, Publish, Publicize & Platforms about? - Here is the book description: Are you a writer interested in the publishing journey? Have you already embarked, but aren't completely satisfied with your results? Produce, Publish, Publicize & Platforms will guide you through writing, editing, publishing options as well as marketing yourself when you're done.

Written by a former literary publicist, Produce, Publish, Publicize & Platforms will help you set goals and meet them in your publishing journey. Produce, Publish, Publicize & Platforms is a publishing and marketing guide for every writer and any stage of their career.

I want an Advance Reading Copy! How do I join? - Fill out the form below to join the Scream Team! I will send you the eBook in whatever format you wish.

I would love to join the Scream Team, but don't have an eReader! - Not a problem, you can download a free program and read Kindle books on your computer, laptop, or phone. Just go here.

What if I join the Scream Team, but then don't like the book? - Obviously, I don't want fake reviews. If you read the book and do not like it, you are not obligated to review or scream about how great it is.

What if I don't have a big social network reach? - Maybe you don't have a blog, or a lot of followers on Twitter or Facebook. That's okay. Studies show that a lot of readers find new authors by recommendations from their friends. Recommending the book to your friends will be great. Plus, I can always use a nice review on Amazon.

Any more questions? Contact me.

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